reach your peak


Group sessions aim to work on team performance and cohesion. These sessions aim to target leadership development, communication, roles, trust, concentration and much more.


Sessions consist of meeting with an accredited mental performance consultant on a consistent basis to improve performance and team dynamics.




Tier Training is passionate about helping our clients build a strong foundation of mental skills to help them reach their peak performance in sport, fitness and life.


Tier Training's focus is on the client!  We assess our client's needs and create customized plans to help make their goals more achievable. To do this, we focus on the mental skills specific to the clients needs, educate and train them in these skills and help them improve through the different tiers of mental performance. These tiers begin with basic skills, and through continuous work and practice are able to finally reach effortless skill execution.


All services aim to improve psychological skills, mental toughness and motivation in athletes to help them improve their performance in sport, fitness and life. A systematic approach is taken when working with athletes. This approach consists of...


1. Assessing the client's needs

2. Working with the client to set goals

3. Consistently meeting and working to improve and strengthen mental skills

4. Evaluating results and adjusting if necessary


Skill Execution

Skill Refinement

Skill Improvement

Basic Skills


Individual sessions are tailored to the individual and their specific needs. These sessions include mental skills techniques to target and strengthen athlete's consistency of peak performance through improving self-confidence and mental toughness in addition to helping with injury recovery. Sessions can also focus on developing life skills in addition to targeting wellness and exercise adherence techniques to maintain healthy lifestyles.


Sessions consist of meeting with an accredited mental performance consultant on a consistent basis to improve performance and manage the demands of sport and life.




Workshop series aim to target specific mental skills with organizations or groups. These series include introducing the basic foundations of mental skills training and can be tailored to advance to the needs of the client. In addition, workshops can also be tailored to coaches and parents to help improve their influence on athletes.


Accredited mental performance consultants deliver all workshops.




Presentations aim to target motivation, leadership development and life skills needed to have success in sport, fitness and life.



With all this information and content given to you, it's time for you to choose...

Will you continue down the road you were going or will you reach for new levels of performance that can help you REACH YOUR PEAK!

We at Tier Training would love the opportunity to help you reach your untapped potential and get you to your goals. 

It's not our choice thou, it's yours...



Confidentiality is an important component of individual sessions and team/group sessions. Ideally, the consultant and client should develop a comfortable working relationship in which thoughts and feelings can be expressed. In order for this comfort and rapport to develop, Tier Training consultants know confidentiality must be maintained (unless the consultant feels the client is a danger to him/herself or others). Sharing information (with parents, coaches, organizations, etc.) will require consent from the client. If the client consents, s/he will indicate very specifically what the consultant can reveal to a specific person.

Sport Specific



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