Consulting philosophy

Ashleigh's consulting philosophy is closely based off of the cognitive-behavioral consultation model which assumes that behavior is determined by both the environment and cognition, with thoughts and interpretation playing an especially important role.


She believes in empowering her clients to see their potential and help them gain the confidence to achieve their goals and passions in life. To enable them to reach their potential, however, she believes that you must:

  • EDUCATE them

  • TEACH them mental skills that will help their performance

  • SUPPORT them as they implement these skills

Each person has different needs and different ways in which they learn and thrive. Her philosophy to consulting is to make sure that every consultation is customized to each client’s individual needs, using creativity to help make an environment in which they can thrive. She believes that as a consultant she is here to serve her clients and help them learn and grow so that they can reach their optimal performance in every area of their lives. This is why she closely based her style off of the cognitive-behavioral consultation model because it focuses on the person as a whole and assesses their needs first and then plans out what interventions should be taken.


When educating her clients she believes in active learning through the use of:

  • activities

  • games

  • technology

  • client interaction

These techniques are used during sessions which can then be processed and related to real situations. It is her opinion that not only is it more engaging to the client to have interactive sessions but it also helps retention of the topic and how it can be applied to real situations. Through these methods of consulting she hopes to bring her clients the best possible experience to empower them and help them learn the skills needed to perform at their peak performance.


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