Big 5




  • The belief that you can successfully perform a desired behavior and have the ability to execute...

    • Physical skill, psychological skill, perceptual skills, physical fitness and training skills, and learning potential.

  • High levels of self-confidence can enhance...

    • Emotional state, concentration, goal-setting, effort expended, and development effective competitive strategies.


  • Is a form of simulation similar to a real sensory experience (seeing, feeling or hearing) but the entire experience occurs in the mind.

  • Through imagery, you can recreate previous positive experiences or picture new events to prepare yourself mentally for performance.


  • Concentration in sport and exercise settings usually involves focusing on the relevant cues in the environment, maintaining that focus over time, being aware of the changing situation, and shifting focus as necessary.

  • Athletes who describe their best performances inevitably mention that they are completely absorbed in the present, focused on the task at hand, and acutely aware of their own bodies and the external environment.


  • The research on goal setting demonstrates that goals are a powerful means for effecting behavior changes, either directly or indirectly and can influence behavior directly by bringing a performer's attention to important elements of the skill or task.

  • The key is knowing when to focus on each goal type and not devoting all one's attention to outcome goals.


  • Understand how to increase self-awareness of arousal states

  • The first step toward controlling arousal levels is for athletes to become aware of the situations in a competitive sport that cause them anxiety and how they respond to these events.

 Mental Toughness



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