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What is Tier Training about?


Tier Training is about helping clients reach peak levels of performance consistently.

Which one are you?




  • We help you hone, refine and develop strong levels of focus and concentration, so you can perform at a more consistent level during every competition.


  • Tier Training takes confidentiality seriously and never discloses who we work with, if you’d like to disclose it, go ahead. We don’t unless you give us permission. Privacy is critical to the trust we have with clients.


  • Athletes are being forced to compete with increasingly higher levels of stress than ever before. Whether it’s coaching, politics of sport or the stress of competition. All of these and more, are causing young athletes to quit their sport. We will work with athletes to develop coping techniques and teach them the way to manage stress so they can perform under the residing pressures.


  • Tier Training is dedicated to giving athletes the tools and support to help them manage and develop the inner game. Mental skills training can be one of the keys to helping an athlete continue to develop their skills and possibly get to the next level.


  • We work with individuals, teams, coaches and parents for athletes 13 years and over, helping young athletes build their confidence, play with more composure and reach their peak performance. (Athletes under 13 will need to be pre-screened)


  • We work closely with a variety of teams, all with different dynamics. There is no right or wrong time to start working on your mental skills.





  • We help coaches and parents learn the best techniques to empower players to develop and perform at a more consistent level during every competition.


  • Tier Training works closely with coaches and parents to encourage growth in athlete development.


  • We help you hone in on words and actions that could be hindering athlete performance and help you tweak them to encourage optimal performance out of athletes. 





  • We help you hone, refine and develop strong levels of focus, concentration and motivation, so reach your health and fitness goals.


  • Tier Training is dedicated to giving clients the tools and support to help them manage and develop the mental skills. These skills can be one of the keys to helping a client reach their goals and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.


  • If you’d like to schedule a call with us or have a question, reach out to us here:

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TIer Training

Our Mission


Our mission at Tier Training is to develop individuals who will be successful in sports, fitness and life. Tier Training helps clients build a foundation so they can reach peak performance and excel in all aspects of life.


Our Core Values


At Tier Training our core values consist of...

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Hard Work

  • Servant Leadership


We practice what we preach on a daily basis as we work to make ourselves the best consultants possible. This approach allows us to have a STRONG MIND while delivering a STRONG PERFORMANCE as we help with our clients REACH THE PEAK.


Our Purpose


We believe that as our clients’ develop, they grow into individuals who can help lead and develop others in a positive and impactful way. Our purpose is to improve one life at a time, helping to create a ripple effect of people who positively impact the world around them in sports, fitness and life.


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How we started


Tier Training was founded by Ashleigh Carpentier, a former Division I athlete, who pursued her passion for sports and fitness and it's positive impact on lives. Through the years of playing sports, she realized the need for mental skills training, leadership development and life skills training in athletes. She went on to get her masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, which led to her creating Tier Training Performance.


Founder & Mental Performance Coach


Ashleigh has been a competitor her entire life. From an early age she was playing multiple sports and loving the challenges and lessons she was able to learn from them. Ashleigh continued to play soccer at the Division I level at Western Michigan University where she played all 4 years and was honored with the privilege of being a captain her senior year. In 2012, Ashleigh returned to WMU where she helped as a volunteer assistant coach for a year before going to Georgia Southern University for her masters degree. During her time at GSU, Ashleigh worked with the women’s soccer team as a volunteer assistant and taught physical education courses to undergraduate students. Over the years, Ashleigh has also coached youth soccer ranging from 6 to 18 years old.

Academic Background


Ashleigh attended Western Michigan University for her bachelor's in Multimedia Imaging Engineering. She went on to get her masters degree at Georgia Southern University in Health and Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Ashleigh has had the opportunity to work with various athletes on strengthening mental skills, team cohesion, and the integration of life skills.

Consulting Philosophy


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