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About Mental Skills Training (MST)

Mental skills training refers to learning to systematically and consistently practice psychological (mental) skills for the purpose of enhancing performance, increasing enjoyment or achieving greater sport and physical activity self-satisfaction. As with physical skills, mental skills require systematic practice and refinement. Such skills include maintaining and focusing concentration, regulating arousal levels, enhancing self-confidence, maintaining motivation and improving mental toughness. 


Psychological factors account primarily for day-to-day performance fluctuation which is why it is important to practice these just as you would physically practice for your sport to help improve your consistency in performance. 

About Sport & Exercise Psychology

Sport and exercise psychology is a scientific study of people and their behaviors in sport and exercise activities and the practical application of that knowledge.

The two main objectives are…

  • To understand how psychological factors affect an individual's physical performance.

  • To understand how participation in sport and exercise affects a person’s psychological development, health, and well-being.


Consultants in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology work with individuals or teams to develop psychological skills for enhancing competitive performance and training. They have extensive training in sport and exercise training, exercise science, physical education, and kinesiology; and they understand the psychology of human movement, particularly as it relates to sport and exercise contexts. They often have taken advanced graduate courses in psychology and counseling.


We at Tier Training strive for excellence and ensure competent and accredited professionals are working with you, bringing the most relevant and up to date techniques to sessions and training.

Why Practice MST

Why do you practice your the physical and fundamental aspects of your sport? 


To get better and be the best you can be right.


Well, what if I told you that to be your absolute best and REACH YOUR PEAK you must also be the best you can be mentally.


When you ask coaches and athletes how much of performance is mental most will agree that the mental aspects play a large part in performance success. So if we can agree that to reach peak performance you have to be physically and mentally strong then let me ask this...


How much time do you practice your mental skills?


Just like physical skills your mental skills must be practiced. It is through practice that these skills can then become second nature and help you REACH YOUR PEAK performance!


The body can only go where the mind has already been. So the question is...


Where will you take your mind?



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