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Tier Training is passionate about helping our clients build a strong foundation of mental skills to help them reach their peak performance in sport, fitness and life. Tier Training's focus is on the client and helping them achieve their goals.


At Tier Training, we create customized plans based on our clients needs to help make their goals more achievable. To do this, we focus on the mental skills specific to the clients needs and take them through the different tiers of mental performance. These tiers begin with basic skills, and through continuous work and practice are able to finally reach effortless skill execution.


Reach the Peak!



Mental Skills Training 


You might be asking "Why should I practice and work on improving my mental skills?"

Well, let me ask you, "What percent of your performance is mental?"


Now let's forget the overused cliche that 90% of performance is mental. You see because in reality 100% is mental. Our thoughts influence our actions and our actions influence our thoughts. What if instead of 90% of coaches and athletes spending 100% of their time working on the physical and fundamental aspects of their sport they spent just as much time on the mental aspects. Even half would be better than none!

What could our athletes do?

How far could they go? 

Because we can't forget "The body can only go where the mind has already been!"


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